Zero-Waste Media Buy

When clients talk about shifting their money out of traditional media and into digital, I remind them that The Vacation Channel is a hyper-targeted medium. We are ONLY talking to visitors in their hotels, eager for something to do while they’re in town. Many tourists arrive with a loose agenda, but they definitely come prepared to explore our area. They’re looking for shopping, dining, historical landmarks, museums, theme parks, and everything our cities have to offer!

Many of the properties showing the channel are long-term stay and time-share resorts, which means that visitors come here ready to explore the whole area. They are eager to drive around, find YOUR business or attraction, and make lasting memories. According to a 2018 study by the Virginia Tourism Corporation, visitors spent an average of $701 on food and entertainment in Coastal Virginia. By advertising on The Vacation Channel, you can ensure that your business receives some of that spending!

By the Numbers

  • The Vacation Channel is in more than 10,000 resort and hotel rooms from Williamsburg to the Virginia Beach Oceanfront
  • Google reports 85% of all leisure travelers decide on activities only after arriving at their destination
  • 66% of Vacation Channel viewers report staying at least four nights
  • 75% of viewers watched the channel for at least 40 minutes, according to our most recent survey

Digital Versus The Vacation Channel

Advertisers love digital marketing because it’s so highly targeted. You can target people according to their age, interests, and location. Using geofencing, you can target tourists in hotels from the oceanfront to Williamsburg. We can do exactly what digital marketing does in terms of targeting, serving your ads to visitors in their hotels. Because we are only targeting visitors to the area, you don’t need to worry about your airtime being wasted on an audience who isn’t looking for dining and entertainment around town. These are leisure travelers who can’t wait to experience Coastal Virginia! Invest in a zero-waste media buy and feature your business on The Vacation Channel today. Contact us below!

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Erika Guess is a marketing professional with more than a decade’s experience in tourism. She keeps a finger on the pulse of visual and performing arts around town, so if you have a question you can drop her a line at

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