Video Production

Our video production services are available separately
from airtime on the channel, if that’s what you need.


We have produced a diverse body of work for small businesses,
large corporations, government agencies and more.


Whether you need a TV commercial, content for your website
or digital marketing content, The Vacation Channel can help.


Check out some examples of our work:

Our Gear

The Vacation Channel treats every project like a Hollywood production.

If you want to run it on the big screen, we’d be honored.


We use two RED cameras and shoot in 4K. That means your video will have the highest-possible resolution.

We have a variety of sound and light equipment on hand, and a team who knows how to use them.


Have a question about our equipment? Don’t be shy, we love to show off.


Pricing is prepared on a custom basis depending on the scope

of your project, and we make it easy to hone your vision.


Is it filmed on location or in a studio? Does it require graphics and animation?
What about voice-over and music?


All of these factors will be considered in your estimate.
To help you get started, we’ve put together an easy 10-Step Creative Brief Builder to help you launch your project plans!


It just take s a quick phone call to discuss your project before we can send you some options.


Reach out today and someone from our team will contact you for more information!