Virginia Beach Thrill Seeking


With 35 miles of coastline in Virginia Beach, there is plenty of space for everyone to catch some rays, enjoy the water, or take a nap. However, every trip needs a little excitement, and in Virginia Beach, there’s plenty of it to be had!

Interested in testing your skills on the water? There are plenty of places to rent kayaks and surfboards. Surf and Adventure in Sandbridge offers a variety of surfboards, long boards and kayak rentals. If a guided tour is more your speed, you can sign up for any of their eco, dolphin, fishing or sunset tours, all of which are just $50 per person. They also offer beginner surf lessons, so that people of all skill levels can catch some waves!

Or if you want to ramp up your speed,Adventure Parasailing and Rudee Inlet Jet Ski Rental is the place to go. They offer half- and one-hour rentals for jet skis to cruise through the ocean in style. Parasailing is an excellent way to tour the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. You can fly single, double…even triple! Or if you have a larger group, you can rent a sport boat that fits up to six people.

For all you adrenaline seekers out there, there is nothing more exhilarating and extreme then skydiving. At Virginia Beach Skydivingyou can take part in a Tandem or Accelerated Free Fall dive (AFF). The Tandem dive is the most popular and requires the least amount of training. You will get to enjoy 60 seconds of freefall and reach speeds up to 120 mph. Or if you want to try a one-of-a-kind skydiving experience a little closer to the ground, try iFly Indoor Skydiving . They’ve got plenty of packages for experienced and first-time flyers alike!

There are a ton of heart-pumping adventures waiting for you. Whether you are checking off an item on your bucket list or just want to get closer to Mother Nature, Virginia Beach is the place to go.

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Have fun and enjoy yourself!

Martin Walsh is an owner of The Vacation Channel, and filmmaker with over a decade of experience making engaging travel content. He’s on a mission to make sure your family has fun this year with a trip to Coastal Virginia. If you would like a local’s opinion, you can always send him a question via email. Now get outside and go have an adventure!

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