Top 10 Breakfast Places in Williamsburg VA

Whether you’re an area local or visiting the Historic Triangle with the whole family, you’ll need a hearty breakfast to experience everything there is to see and do in Williamsburg, VA. Luckily, there’s plenty of great options nearby that show off the area’s unique flavors.

This is Part 2 of our ongoing series featuring some of the best breakfast places in the Hampton Roads area, from Williamsburg to Virginia Beach. Click here to check out Part 1: Best Breakfast in Hampton Roads and Part 3: Top 10 Breakfast Spots in Virginia Beach, VA.

When you’re looking for that perfect Williamsburg breakfast spot, here are our suggestions of where to start–from unique foodie eateries to standard american classics and everything in between!

Blue Talon Bistro

Chef David Everett runs some of the best Williamsburg area restaurants, and Everett’s Blue Talon Bistro serves up some of the area’s best upscale breakfast menu options. Located in the heart of Williamsburg’s historic downtown, Blue Talon Bistro is best known for its “Serious Comfort Food.” With unique menu items, such as “Truffled” Eggs, Smoked Salmon, and Creamed Chipped Beef, this local favorite offers up flavors you can’t find anywhere else. And for non-foodie eaters, fear not–they serve up killer breakfast platters, omelets, and Belgian waffles as well.


Honey Butter’s Kitchen

This Williamsburg hidden gem isn’t staying hidden for very long–with a second Williamsburg location now open, Honey Butter’s Kitchen serves up a quality breakfast at reasonable prices. Whatever you decide to order, get it with ham–seared to perfection with perfect grill marks, this is one Virginia classic done right. Add in a side of eggs and garlic fried potatoes and you’ve got a breakfast that won’t sit heavy and will keep you running well into the evening.

Shorty’s Diner

If you’re looking for throwback old-timey charm and a solid menu that doesn’t break the bank, you’ll want to check out Shorty’s Diner. Williamsburg has some tough contenders for best area pancakes, but Shorty’s is solidly in the running. Our menu favorite though: The Country Ham Biscuit. The ham is that salty-sweet, melt-in-your-mouth taste that Virginia is known for. One thing’s for sure–when it comes to serving up southern comfort food, Shorty’s Diner does not disappoint.

Duck Donuts

This regional chain started in the Outer Banks of Duck, North Carolina back in 2006, but there’s a reason these are popping up more and more: their donuts are seriously tasty. With rotating seasonal favorites and unique concoctions (bacon, egg, and cheese on a donut, anyone?), Duck Donuts has menu items for the most trepid to adventurous of eaters. Best of all, you can even make your own, with a wide variety of coatings, icings, toppings, and drizzles to choose from. Stop in and start creating!

Baker’s Crust

This Virginia Beach-native spot opened its doors to Williamsburg customers in 2009. Since then, Baker’s Crust has been serving up delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to locals and area tourists in the know. With store-baked breads and pastries, everything here is made from scratch. For a delicious take on a southern classic plate, try their Chicken and Waffles, with big belgian waffles and honey-covered chicken tenders. Or if you’re in the mood for some seafood, order a Maryland Omelette with real lump crab meat, hollandaise and old bay seasoning.


Food For Thought

This restaurant is known for sometimes long wait times for a reason; the food is seriously delicious. Lunch and dinner choices are to die for if you don’t mind the crowds, but the locals know that breakfast is the time to come to beat the rush at Food For Thought. We recommend the Country Fried Steak & Mushroom Benedict (read: country fried filet-mignon!), the “Crepe”-ucopia (homemade crepes with Chantilly cream and a plethora of fresh, seasonal fruits), or for the vegetarian-minded, the Tofu Scramble (mushrooms, tofu, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, and basil with breakfast seasoning). Food for Thought will have you coming back more, guaranteed!

Mama Steve’s House of Pancakes

Open since 1956, when people in Williamsburg think “breakfast” they often think “Mama Steve’s”! For over 60 years, Mama Steve’s House of Pancakes has been serving up delicious southern breakfast items to visitors and locals to Richmond Road. People come here for the colonial-style decorations and unique charm. We recommend the silver dollar pancakes, with a side of bacon and scrambled eggs–the perfect start to a fun-filled day at nearby Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Or Catfish Cove Minigolf!

Blackbird Bakery

Another of Chef David Everett’s creations, Black Bird Bakery serves up the best homemade pastries in Williamsburg, hands down. With a variety of muffins, croissants, scones, sticky buns, baguettes, and more, Black Bird Bakery is the best spot for breakfast on the go while you’re exploring Colonial Williamsburg. Stop in to this charming restaurant at your own risk–with so many mouth-watering treats, your sweet tooth may be more than satisfied.


Old Chickahominy House

The Old Chickahominy House, opened in 1955, is a spot rich with history and colonial charm–the perfect start to a Colonial Williamsburg or Jamestown Settlement exploration. Order Miss Melinda’s Pancakes–light, fluffy, and sweet–and wash them down with a Mimosa or a “Rebel Cocktail.” If you’re feeling in the mood for something hardier, try a cup of Brunswick Stew & Hot Biscuits for a real Virginia treat.

Colonial Pancake House

The Colonial Pancake House has been serving up homemade flapjacks and breakfast fare for 20 years. With an unassuming, southern-colonial atmosphere, this is laid-back dining at its finest. Colonial Pancake House offers a selection of standard and specialty pancake options, such as their Apple Pie Pancakes with vanilla ice cream, or Pigs in a Blanket (3 sausage links wrapped in pancakes). If you’re in the mood for something heartier, they also have breakfast sandwiches, burritos, omelets and more–they’re sure to have something for the whole family!

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