Customer Service is Key

Customer Service During COVID-19

CVBs and DMOs always remind us of the importance of customer service, because you’re an ambassador for your destination. As the Commonwealth of Virginia embarked on the first phase of reopening, it’s important to revisit your business’s customer service policies. Amid COVID-19, it’s equally important to examine your approach to customer service and have plans in place to address new issues that may arise. 

How do you make sure customers have the best possible experience during a pandemic? Have a plan. Anticipate what could go wrong, and be prepared with a course of action to satisfy and protect your customers. Do your best to accommodate requests, so long as they are within current safety guidelines. Train your staff on how they should handle some new situations: people may be upset about mask rules, longer wait times at restaurants, limited guest capacity at retail shops, and fewer dining options, to name a few. Hampton Roads looks different this summer, and the better we understand these changes, the better prepared we will be. 

Customer service training is ongoing, and should continue after the onboarding process. Current events are changing the travel landscape every week, and we must continue to adapt. Remind your staff that these new health and safety regulations protect them as well as your customers. It’s important to lead by example. If your business shows consistency and level-headedness, it sets the tone for your customers.

Many businesses are using videos and images to educate customers and promote their new safety practices. The Vacation Channel can help you create visual messaging that will reassure visitors that safety is your first priority. These visual assets can also be used for employee training! Streamline the orientation experience for new hires with consistent visuals that reinforce your policies. 

How are you providing superior customer service right now? Travelers may be apprehensive. Do what you can to make them feel at ease while they’re giving you their business. Coastal Virginia is known for its hospitality and southern charm; let those qualities shine this summer!

Check out this example of a COVID safety created for Colonial Williamsburg:

And here’s example of a safety and sanitation video we created for Virginia Beach Restaurant Association in partnership with Sysco:

VBRA | Cooking Class: Sanitation from Frequency Creative on Vimeo.

Disclaimer: The Sysco video above was produced prior to COVID-19, some sanitation practices and recommendations may have changed. 

If you’re ready to create an instructional/safety video for your business, reach out to our team today!

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Erika Guess is a marketing professional with more than a decade’s experience in tourism. She keeps a finger on the pulse of visual and performing arts around town, so if you have a question you can drop her a line at

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