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The Vacation Channel on Roku

What is Roku?

Roku is a streaming TV service that allows you to watch content on-demand! The Roku platform features several apps you may already be familiar with (Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime TV, etc.) plus apps like Spotify and YouTube, so you can stream video content on...

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2021 Tourism Rebound in Coastal Virginia

The Vacation Channel is committed to helping our tourism partners in Coastal Virginia. The vaccine rollout and declining COVID cases leave us optimistic for the upcoming tourism season! Data from the latest STR report from Virginia Tourism Corporation shows that occupancy rates throughout Virginia in...

The Vacation Channel on Roku

Streaming Roku Channels

The Vacation Channel and Frequency Creative are now building custom streaming channels for clients who want to expand their reach for video content. Reach customers in their homes with streaming media on Roku and Amazon Fire TV. As we build on these platforms, we also...