The Vacation Channel will work with you to address these items:

LOCATION SCOUTING | Where are you planning to shoot and what challenges might you have there? Are there lighting, audio, or other logistical problems that need to be considered? A preproduction location visit and discussion with on-site maintenance or security is often necessary.

PERMITS | Do you require permits for shooting or waivers for people in the video? Will you need special insurance? What parking options are available for the crew and equipment?

TALENT or PRESENTERS | Who is on camera, and are they prepared? Have they rehearsed their lines or will they be using a teleprompter? What should they be wearing, and do they require hair and makeup?

WEATHER | Are you shooting outdoors? Do you have an alternate rain date?

SCHEDULE | Does your production plan include a shotlist and schedule that lets everyone know when to arrive and how long each scene or shot is going to take?